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JK Tactical / JK Emporium
Firearm Accessories And tactical Equipment

Welcome to JK Tactical/JK Emporium!

We specialize in outdoor sporting goods and tactical equipment. We are specializing in AR 15 and Ruger 10/22 parts and upgrades as well as all types of tactical items. We have a vast array of outdoor products, shooting accessories such as firearm cases, targets, scopes, armor, flashlights, etc.

Most manufacturers have what is called a MAP (minimum advertised price) policy where all retailers have to price items at a certain price or above. We adhere to all MAP policies from all of our manufacturers.

Where we ship to: We can only ship your order to your billing address on your credit card or the confirmed address in your Paypal account which must be the same as your billing address unless prior arrangements have been made by email. Any orders that ask us to ship to a different address other than the billing address or confirmed address in your a Paypal account will be canceled if prior arrangements have not been made. We reserve the right to not sell to anyone that we deem a risk factor for a chargeback or damaging our products and sending them back for a refund. Also, we reserve the right not to sell to anyone that we feel will ship our products out of the country which can include but is not limited to foreign diplomats, Foreign embassy's within the USA, visitors from foreign countries, etc. We just can not afford the losses that we have been taking by a certain group of people or person using false identities or buyers that may take our products out of the US. This is not based on race, creed, religion or anything else except for risk factor on being given a charge-back and losing our product or having the product damaged on purpose and then getting it sent back to us or exporting our items which is not allowed. We will not ship to Ohio unless we personally know you or you Western Union us the money and even then we may not be able to ship if we can not find information on you. We will not ship to anyone in China or Vietnam or the Phillipines even if you are using a freight forwarder in the US.