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This is our little personal corner of the internet. All items here are our personal property or the personal property of someone else who put something here on consignment. Since this is a secondary market, you cannot purchase these items through the shopping cart. You must email us for the items that you want at jktactical1@gmail.com. If multiple people ask us for the same items, it will be sold to whoever emailed us first.

Steps for buying items here:
  1. Email us the exact item number of the item. There are no multiples in the same listing so there is no need to put a quantity number. If we have more than one, it will be listed separately in a different post.
  2. We will let you know if it is available and instruct you where to send the payment. Payment must be made as Goods and Services so 3% will be added to every item so you will have protection. This 3% will be included in the selling price. Payment must be received within 10 hours of our instruction email to you or you will lose the item. We do not hold items or take payment plans.
  3. Your word is your bond so if you state in your email that you want it and then you back out, you will be banned from this website and our social media groups. Please don't waste our time and yours.
  4. If the item gets lost in the mail, we can only refund your money because we will not have backup items.
  5. All items will ship via USPS Priority mail, Fedex or UPS and you will be responsible for the shipping and insurance cost. This cost will be determined once we get your address.
  6. We reserve the right NOT to sell to anyone that we deem as a fraud risk or a potential problem.
This is something new that we are trying instead of using Ebay or FB so please be patient with us if we run into unexpected issues. We will try our best to make the transaction as smooth as possible. The rules here may change as we discover issues.
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Steel Flame PAW/Crusader Lighter (Discontinued)